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What is Low Kalz?

Low Kalz is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle - a deliciously healthy lifestyle. Unlike other brands, with Low Kalz, you don’t have to worry whether what you’re eating is healthy or not, because Low Kalz focuses on all our products to have healthy content and to contain only natural sugars. Kalz Breakfast Muffins are refrigerated muffins that are soft-baked, easy to digest, they are naturally sweetened with fruits, and they provide you with a soft taste of heaven with each bite. Also unlike most protein bars, we do not use any preservatives; we keep the muffins stored in the freezer because our muffins taste better when fresh, and refrigeration is the most natural and most effective preservation technique known to man. Since our muffins are made with fresh fruits, we refrigerate them to extend their shelf-life for months. If you're looking for organic muffins and that are also great breakfast muffins, you came to the right place.