Apple Cranberry Low Calorie Protein Bars (Pack of 10)

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low calorie protein bars
Apple Cranberry Low Calorie Protein Bars (Pack of 10) - Low Kalz

2 Day Priority Mail Shipping (Please allow 2 days for processing)


The low calorie bars are made fresh each week and shipped straight to your door using 2 day priority mail shipping.  Once you receive them, be sure to store them in your refrigerator or freezer. We don't use any preservatives, which is why the protein bars require refrigeration. 

The bars are safe to remain unrefrigerated for up to three days, but please make sure to put them in the fridge because they're completely natural without any preservatives.  

The Apple Cranberry low calorie protein bars contain almond flour, apple powder, whey protein powder, water, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, pure almond extract, pure vanilla extract, 100% apple juice concentrate, and dried cranberries.

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